Private Risk Advisory Services

Protect your possessions and your lifestyle

The insurance needs of affluent individuals can be complex. In addition to typical personal coverage like Auto, Home, Umbrella, and Watercraft, you may require higher limits for personal possessions and asset protection, as well as a higher level of personalized service and risk management. USA Flight Bank Private Risk Advisory Services (PRAS) can help you with all of your insurance needs.

As a PRAS customer, you’ll benefit from:

  • Face-to-face discussions with a dedicated Risk Advisor who will act as your advocate if you have a loss.
  • Individualized risk program development.
  • Access to specialized services and insurance providers.
  • Specialty coverage for Special Events, Travel, Domestic Employees, Kidnap and Ransom, Collectibles (Wine, Autos, etc.), Fine Arts, Jewelry, Volunteer Boards of Directors, Aircraft & Yachts.

Our Risk Advisors value your prized possessions as much as you do. Following are some proven tips on how to safeguard your valuables:


Jewelry is a special asset class that includes everything from family heirlooms to investment-grade gemstones. If you've acquired beautiful pieces over time and have a substantial collection, the right insurance can help you preserve your jewelry's long-term value.


Although you've taken great care to build and maintain your wine collection, chances are you do not have adequate insurance for your "liquid assets." Insure your wine with a separate private collections policy because most homeowner policies specifically exclude coverage for perishables such as wine.


If you own luxury, high-performance or collector automobiles, you need to think differently about how to protect them.

Consider specific issues such as market depreciation, the cost of replacement and repair, and how you will be treated if you have a claim. Make sure your insurer can address these issues to your complete satisfaction.

Fine Art & Collectibles

Protecting a fine art collection starts with enlisting the services of a specialized insurer. It also means taking certain measures and precautions such as:

  • Creating detailed records and taking photographs of your collection and keeping both in a safe place.
  • Protecting your art and collectibles while in transit and from deterioration due to aging and artificial light.
  • Securing your art appropriately with the proper type of wall or floor fastenings.
  • If your artwork or collectibles are damaged, seek the services of a professional conservator. The right insurer can help you find an experienced conservator near you.

Don’t pick the wrong time to protect yourself

Wealth is a target for claims, losses and lawsuits. The wrong time to find out if you have the right coverage and partners is when you have a claim, emergency or other incident. To find out more about our Private Risk Advisory Services, call toll free 1.888.FCB INSURE (1.888.322.4678) weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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