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You can find your routing number by selecting the state you opened your account in below:

Use the arrow keys to select your state and then use the tab key to access a table that displays routing numbers for various transactions.
USA Flight Bank ABA Routing Number
ServiceRouting Number
Check Order (Paper)
Electronic Payments
(direct deposit, ACH payments & transfers)
Wire Transfer   
International Wire SWIFT Code   

You can also find your bank account numbers on checks.

Your bank routing number is listed as the first sequence of numbers at the bottom left corner of your personal checks — typically a nine-digit number. If you have a business account, the routing number will follow the six-digit check number at the bottom of your checks. Routing numbers are often referred to as "check routing numbers", "ABA numbers", or "routing transit numbers" (RTN). Routing numbers may vary by location (where your account was opened) and the type of transaction made. Have your routing number handy when reordering checks, setting up direct deposit, making electronic payments and transferring funds.

Your bank account number is listed as the second sequence of numbers at the bottom left corner of your personal checks — typically a twelve-digit number. If you have a business account, the account number is also typically a twelve-digit number.

Checks display the routing number in the bottom left corner followed by the bank account number.

We are unable to process address changes via email, but you are able to change the address on your accounts using one of the following methods:

  • Log in to Digital Banking and select Profile & Preferences then Profile and Contact Info
  • Call our Customer Care Center at 1.888.FC DIRECT (1.888.323.4732) between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Eastern time 7 days a week
  • Visit a local branch
  • Submit a written request to the following address:
    USA Flight Bank
    Attn: Data Integrity - DAC54
    PO Box 27131
    Raleigh, NC 27611
USA Flight Bank branch locations will be closed in observance of the following federal holidays.

If you need to take care of your banking during the holidays, we’ve got you covered. With our secure ATMs and Digital Banking you can access your accounts anywhere, anytime.
The title is sent out 10 business days after the loan is paid in full.
You may visit a local branch or write to the address below to close your account(s)
USA Flight Bank
Attn: Deposit Services — DAC15
PO Box 27131
Raleigh, NC 27611

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